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CTeen U

CTeen University

What is CTeen U?

CTeen U is a college course on the tenets of Judaism. Students taking the course for 3 years can earn up to 12 college credits, 2 credits per course. 


CTeen U is a joint initiative of Yeshiva University and the Chabad Teen Network .


Yeshiva University is the world’s premier Jewish institution for higher education. It is home to a network of undergraduate and graduate programs. The undergraduate programs offer a unique dual curriculum comprising Jewish studies and liberal arts, sciences, and business courses.

CTeen Business School

This November, we’ll be launching the CTeen Israel & Me course.

You’re scrolling through Instagram when you hit an anti-Israel comment from a close friend. Yikes. You’re on your school’s debate team and your topic is the Arab-Israeli conflict. Double yikes. You’re talking to a fourth-cousin once removed at a Bar Mitzvah who’s never been to Israel and wants to know what the recent drama in the news is all about. 

This is where the Israel & Me course comes handy, in it we’ll discuss topics such as 

  • Legal claims to the land we love

  • The Other Side to the Story

  • How to Make Peace

  • How to stop playing defense

  • Pro tips for spotting bias

  • The Origins of Anti Semitism

  • Standing up for Israel

And so much more.

Classes will be held at Valley Chabad in 14 one hour modules―making it easy and accessible for anyone who wants to join! 

Registration deadline is October 19, so don’t wait!

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